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Azimuth for Wet Wipes

Azimuth for Wet Wipes is new vertical form fill seal wrapper for pillow pack bags starting from a flat reel of heat-sealable packing film.


  • High productivity : the machines is driven by servo motors, controlled by PLC and interfaced by colour touch screen (servo version). Pneumatic version also available. The particular hardware configuration and the PFM software allow the machine to achieve up to 120 cycles/min.
  • Easy cleaning : the “Hermetic Box” type frame allows a total isolation of the mechanical and electrical components from the external environment. This allows for easy cleaning operations.
  • Quick and flexible format changeover . Only a few minutes for the reel change carried out by means of two self-centering and self-closing cones. With the self-centering system of the film reel there is no waste in time for the manual centering. The forming tube is equipped with the “quick and guided release system” for an extremely easy changeover. The Azimuth can be equipped with the special toolings to produce the STEELO-Pack with 4 sealed corners.
  • Tele-service system the particular hardware configuration of the machines and the weighers allows to remotely control all parameters and the machine functions. In case of potential machine problems it is possible to give remote support to the maintenance team or make the system analysis and rapidly identify the malfunctions.
  • PFM integrated wrapping systems use the best productive capacity of its multi-head weighers and the high flexibility of its vertical wrappers. The high level of integration ensures a common programming language for the various machines with an easy supervision of the entire line.

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